Making Your Dreams: Part 2

So it’s the people who you actually care about and respect that are holding you back… Wait a second, no, it’s just the people who’s opinions matter to you.

Why do their opinions matter? Do you owe them something? Do they love and respect you? Do they uplift you as a person? If not, why do you care what they think?

This is the point where you really have to decide if you want it more than you are afraid of it, if you want it more than those people around you might comment and tease, or even be outright nasty.


Making Your Dreams: Part 1

You hear it all the time: What would you do if nothing was holding you back? If no one was judging you?

Well, it’s not really that easy, is it? People do judge you, and you let things hold you back. So does that mean you can’t follow your dreams? NO!

Then what do you do? You decide who’s opinions matter to you. You decide what it’s worth being held back by.

Try the following exercise.

  • Write your name in a circle
  • Draw another circle around that, and between, write the people you see everyday
  • Draw another circle with people you see weekly
  • And another you see monthly
  • and another with people you see yearly
  • Now look at this, and circle the people who are important to you

Now… look at the people you don’t have circled, are they the ones holding you back? If they are, you just said you don’t really care what they think. If it’s the people you have circled, I’ll see you next week.

How-To: Who’s Fronting?

Knowing who’s fronting can be important for a variety of reasons. We will not go through those here, but I will give you a how to!

This is most useful when you have a catalogue of everyone, but it can also be good for creating that catalogue.

What gender are they?
If you can determine gender, this may narrow you down. However, not all systems may have mixed genders.

How old are they?
Most systems have a mix of ages or levels of wisdom.

What is their orientation?
Members often vary in orientation, or sexual preferences. Do not be suprised by the variety you may come across! And remember that members may be asexual as well.

What are their hobbies? What do they like/dislike?
This one works better when you get to know everyone, but if you’ve already determined who’s fronting, still pay attention to this! You may be able to tell a person by their thoughts and preferences, which will save you the mental checklist!

Comments, criticisms, and suggestions welcome!

For those Big Questions, I’ll Write a Post!

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